Thursday, November 09, 2006

Steph.Cop is self-taught with a schizoid nature.
As a teenager, he was attracted to the urban culture of hip-hop. In 1986, he met Joey Starr (french rapper from the band NTM) who introduced to him “MEO”, Myles Carter, an artist from New-York and son of Ron Carter, the jazzman. This encounter was significant. They founded the Control Of Paris, based on graffiti art.In 1991, his encounter with Mist began his second period of painting (Mist, a french graffiti artist with a background similar to Steph Cop’s, created two characters, the Debilz -devil cats- also later developed as toys).
In Paris in 1993, Steph Cop with three others partners launched Dobble Source, a hiphop store. He also created the brand Homecore with the “flame and cross” logo (symbol of the paint sprays), and the big H (a box for Homecore).
In 1994, this same team created the brand Ladysoul. Steph Cop took care of the art direction of those two brands.While doing art direction for Lady Soul and Big H, the Graphik Dzign concept began to evolve. In 2000, Steph Cop drew the first outline of 3De, the double personality character of Numeral, not knowing that this would be the first of a series of 5 characters.
In 2001, he defined 5 poles: 5 icons, from which 5 characters would emerge: the Imaginary Friends were born in 2002.Step by step, the definitions got more precise: each icon allowed the building of the collections from a unique leading thread. A.R.O (ANALYSIS REFLEX OBSESSIONAL a.k.a the ARROW) which will become the character basis of the reflexion.
In 2002, Graphik Dzign was born, the first collection in limited series, distributed to ten retailers. At the beginning, ARO was the basic logo represented by an arrow. ARO has become the character: he’s the definition, the graphic direction, the arrow, the angle, everything happens in his head.
He is the UNIVERSE, polymorphic and multiaxial. The other characters are part of him, and represent the elements of the basic image-message of the label.
ARO is 1+4+1, 6 faces, like a Dice, “D” is in his head .


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